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CineWeb Media

Digital ad units.

CineWeb Media ad units will open the doors to high-end digital ads so that your website performs as high as the websites of the big publishers.

Instream Video

Instream video ads

CineWeb Media HTML5 video player offers full functional instream video player with preroll, midroll, postroll VAST/VPAID and IMA tags support and floating, slider, sticky player functions and passback functionality as well.

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Outstream Video

Outsream Video ads

Our outstream video player solution performs 2x of Taboola. It supports floating, slider, sticky player functions and passback functionality.

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In-ımage ads

In-image ad unit

Our high CPM and fill rate offering in-image ads appear as a small banner on the images of the websites.

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Interstitial ads

Interstitial ad unit

CineWeb interstitial banners perform 2-5x of Google AdSense interstitial banners.

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